BuildBull is your trusted partner in global real estate investments

BuildBull offers a selection of projects in different markets, all selected through our rigorous due diligence and industry expertise.

Why BuildBull

Projects of excellence

BuildBull offers investors access to a wide range of real estate projects located in markets with the highest growth rates in the real estate sector.

All-round simplicity

From registration to yield collection, BuildBull makes investing simple for everyone!


BuildBull uses its know-how and network of professionals to select the most promising investment opportunities and offer support to investors.


BuildBull helps investors make informed investment decisions and monitor the performance of their portfolio.

Investment process step by step

Our team of experts carefully evaluates each project to ensure that
only the best opportunities are available for investment.
We provide regular updates during the development process and offer full
transparency on projects’ performance.

  1. 1


    Register for free and create your Buildbull account. Register

  2. 2

    Complete your profile

    Complete and validate your investor profile.

  3. 3


    Discover our projects’ selection. Go to projects

  4. 4


    Evaluate the projects that best suit your investment goal and add them to your portfolio. Within the project page you will have access to all information concerning the investment. Read the FAQ and, in case of questions, do not hesitate to write us at

  5. 5


    Make your investment starting from € 500 and wait for the project reaching its raising targets

  6. 6

    Follow the investment

    Keep you up-to-date on the progress of the project by logging directly into your personal dashboard and view periodic reports from the Update area in the project tab.

  7. Collect

    Once the project in which you have invested has been completed, collect the capital initially paid in along with the return accrued through a simple bank transfer.

Benefits of Real Estate Equity Crowdfunding

Real estate Equity Crowdfunding offers users a unique opportunity to invest in important projects, diversify their portfolio and potentially achieve high returns!


Users can access a wide range of investment opportunities, otherwise only available to institutional investors or high net worth individuals.


Users can diversify their portfolio and manage risk effectively by investing in multiple projects in different markets.

Minimum investment affordable for all

Minimum investment requirements are generally affordable, which means that users can access different opportunities even with limited capital.