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Fund your operation with our quick and efficient solution

At BuildBull, we are always ready to support
new innovative and exciting real estate projects.

Why developers choose BuildBull


We work quickly to evaluate your proposal and present it to the investors’ audience.


Our team of real estate experts has decades of experience in the real estate market and is ready to offer support throughout the entire project.


We only charge a 'success fee' on the funds actually raised as a one-off commission, regardless of the duration of the project. If the campaign does not close successfully, you will not be charged any commission.


The governance of the project always remains in your hands. BuildBull’s investors will have full economic rights, but no administrative rights.

Funds raising process step by step

The process to raise funds through BuildBull is quick and easy

  1. 1


    Submit your project through the on-line form and deliver the required documentation

  2. 2

    Due diligence

    We review your proposal in terms of feasibility, potential and compliance with the platform's mission. Once the project is approved, we will sign an agreement governing the fundraising process (the evaluation process takes approximately 15-40 days).

  3. 3

    Promotion and fund raising stage

    We promote your development project on our platform. Once the raising target has been achieved, the sum is transferred to the development company to start the development activities.

  4. 4

    Completion of the project

    Once the development project is completed (typically within 24-36 months), the investors who joined the campaign are reimbursed with the return defined at the project presentation stage.

  5. Form

    To submit your project, just complete the form below. Our team will review your proposal and contact you to discuss the next steps.